My Story

So you know my name and that I'm a full stack developer, but if you don't mind I'd like to tell you a bit more about myself.

I am so happy that I grew up in Michigan. It was the kind of town people wanted to raise their family in. I started singing and playing the piano at a young age, and before I knew it I was a classically trained soprano that enjoyed participating in community theatre in my spare time. Even though I was incredibly shy as a kid, I somehow landed some lead roles that helped get me out of my comfort zone. Sure, theatre allowed me to continue growing as a performer, but it taught me so much more than that. It took discipline to learn all of those lines and stamina to be able to perform three hours a night every night after school. But most of all it was vital to breaking the shyness I experienced as a kid.

While I loved performing, I never really viewed it as a viable career option. I started waiting tables while I went to the local community college to earn my Associates in Business Administration. It was at this time I realized I could get my bachelor's in music business. While I'm glad I grew up in Michigan, I never wanted to stay there my whole life. I knew there was more out there and I was eager to find it. Getting accepted at Middle Tennessee State University was just the catalyst I needed to escape my hometown.

Moving to Nashville, Tennesee was the best decision of my life. I grew to love the city and the people I met there. It was also where I learned to love the outdoors. I found on my days off from both school and the restaurant I would drive to do a day hike nearby or if I had a couple of days I'd head to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was during this time, however, that I realized music business was not the path for me. I loved music and music history but I don't care for a lot of the music being made today. So I opted for the liberal studies degree instead and completed my schooling online.

One day in March, out of the blue, my best friend asked what I thought of moving to Portland, Oregon with her. We laughed it off as something crazy we'd never do, until we realized it was something crazy we'd totally do. In July of 2017 we packed up my little Chevy Cruze with whatever we could fit and zig zagged across 13 states on our way to the west coast.

Even though I had several different ideas of what I wanted to do with my life, I always had this thought in the back of my mind that I might enjoy coding. I never thought of it as an option, though, since I already had two degrees and quite a bit of student loan debt already. I'm grateful to have found a fantastic bootcamp to catapult my learning and introduce me to the world of development.

tl;dr: I am a singing, piano playing, traveling, hiking, full stack developer!